Where To Travel in February in The USA

Where To Travel in February in The USA 2024

Do you want to travel to the USA in February? If you wish to know where to travel in February in the USA, here are a few places you need to consider visiting.

Are you looking for somewhere to get away from the winter blues? Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere with a little bit of snow and ice. No matter what you’re looking for, we know a few of the top destinations to visit in the United States in February that you might not have considered.

Where To Travel in February in The USA
Where To Travel in February in The USA

There are so many fantastic places to go on vacation in the United States, from cold-weather locales where you can slide down a mountain to tropical destinations where you can sip pina coladas.

February is also an excellent time to travel around the United States if you want to avoid crowds and pay less. Though there are a few breaks, most children are back in school, and summer is nowhere in sight.

What does this mean for your February travel plans in the United States? More people are planning future summer vacations than are presently on vacation!

From my many trips to the USA, here are my favorite incredible places to visit during this month. Here are the top places to visit in February in the United States, ranging from sunny destinations to some that require only snow pants and thermals.

Where To Travel in February in The USA

Here are the top places to visit in February in the United States, ranging from sunny destinations to some that require only snow pants and thermals.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

The best time to visit New Orleans is between this month and May, when the weather is comfortably cool and the celebrations are in full swing. So many people, including me, love visiting during this month because it plays host to a range of top-notch events, celebrations, and holidays; the vibe is just electrifying!

Of course, the famous Mardi Gras carnival takes place during this month, and I personally believe that participating in the celebrations and parades is an unforgettable experience!

I recommend exploring the active nightlife, boutique hotels, live music scene, and spicy cuisine inspired by French, African, and American cultures. I recommend visiting the French Quarter, the Garden District, and the National WWII Museum.

Our must-do Highlights

  • Attend one of the Mardi Gras parades, which are free and full of excitement.
  • Experience the wonders of a king cake loaded with cinnamon and topped with frosting.
  • Discover the music events taking place and go to a live performance by a variety of notable musicians.

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2. Big Sky, Montana: Travel in February in The USA

I personally think that Big Sky, Montana, is one of the perfect winter destinations to travel to in February in the USA with the amazing levels of snowfall it receives and the abundance of winter activities it offers.

This period is a good time to visit Big Sky because snow levels provide great slopes for skiing and snowboarding. I highly recommend getting involved in all the winter activities on offer, which include sledging, snowmobiling, snow-go bike rides, ice trekking, and cross-country skiing.

For those less adventurous, the après-ski scene is extremely lively and, in my opinion, well worth a visit! Other activities include natural zip lines, hikes, and escape rooms, and I would suggest visiting the famous Yellowstone National Park, which is just an hour’s drive away!

Our must-do Highlights

  1. Get your adrenaline going by flying through the air on one of the zip lines.
  2. Take a headlamp night skiing tour beneath the stars to experience the slopes in a unique way.
  3. Indulge in a fantastic dining experience at one of the numerous restaurants.

3. Alta Ski Area, Utah

Utah is one of the best places to visit in February in the US if you’re looking for some fresh powder. Located in the Wasatch Mountains, Alta is an amazing ski area near Salt Lake City with a variety of slopes ranging from beginner to expert.

More so, over 500 inches of snow fall on the area every year, with ski conditions peaking in February.

Apart from skiing, other popular activities include visiting the Ice Castles sculptures, fat-biking the trail around Park City, and relaxing at Hatch Family Chocolates with a hot beverage in hand.

4. Mendocino, Northern California

The Mendocino Coast is a great location year-round, thanks to its sunlight and gorgeous scenery. Although I believe this month is the best time to visit for people wishing to escape the cold, snowy winters and enjoy the warm sun and refreshing beach breeze,. Temperatures often range from the low 40s to the high 70s here.

I’m always captivated by the scenic scenery, which includes stunning shorelines, wonderful sea caves, cliffside hikes, and breathtaking beaches. This coastal city has a delightfully odd air and is a rare, lesser-known gem.

It also has a variety of land and marine adventure activities. I recommend visiting Mendocino Headlands State Park and Museum, Mendocino Art Center, Russian Gulch State Park, and my personal favorite, the quaint 1909 Point Cabrillo Light Station.

My must-do highlights

  • Take a ride on one of the country’s top train tours, the Skunk Train, to see the most beautiful scenery.
  • Take a trip along the Headlands State Park beachfront to capture some Instagram-worthy photos.
  • Stroll down Main Street to explore various art galleries that have been collecting works since the 1960s.
Where To Travel in February in The USA
Where To Travel in February in The USA

Where To Travel in February in The USA (continue)

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

If skiing and other snow-related activities aren’t your thing, but you want to go somewhere cool and not too crowded, Charlotte is an excellent choice for a February visit. With temperatures averaging 52°F on most days, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s attractions, such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Discovery Place Science, and Mint Museum Uptown.

If you enjoy hiking, Freedom Park is a great site to explore, and after a long day of hiking, you can relax at one of the city’s craft breweries.

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6. San Antonio, Texas: Travel in February in The USA

I love this jewel of a city located in south-central Texas and noted for its rich colonial legacy. Visit the Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission that has been maintained as a museum, as well as the San Antonio River and the miles-long River Walk.

I especially enjoyed the promenade, which is lined with cafes, boutique hotels, restaurants, and boutiques, and I recommend visiting all of them. This is a great time to visit because there are so many events going on, like the Bud Light Mardi Gras Festival & River Parade, the annual Cupid 5K Chase, and their own version of Mardi Gras.

However, the Texas summer is almost unbearable, with high humidity and temperatures exceeding 90 °F. In my opinion, the fewer crowds and great weather make this month a far better time to visit this incredible destination!

7. Sedona, Arizona: Places to Visit in February in the USA

The last time we were thinking about where to travel in February in the USA, we ended up in sunny Arizona. Nothing says getaway from the cold and crowds like going to a desert climate, but in February, Sedona offers more than just excellent weather!

Whether you prefer to spend time outside or explore your spiritual side, there are many activities to do in Sedona for everyone.

The area is notable for its red rock formations, which include a 50-foot sandstone arch, as well as its New Age vibe, eccentric art galleries, and scenic hiking routes like the Devil’s Bridge Trail and Airport Mesa.

Top attractions include Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Slide Rock State Park, and the Sedona Heritage Museum. The Sedona International Film Festival is a popular event that takes place in February.

8. Death Valley, California

In Eastern California, along the periphery of the Great Basin Desert, lies Death Valley, a desert valley renowned for its extreme heat. Frequently likened to the deserts of the Middle East and the Sahara, it stands as one of the hottest places on the planet.

Death Valley, one of the world’s hottest, driest, and lowest national parks and sites, has uncomfortably high summer temperatures; therefore, I recommend visiting in the winter when it’s safer! heat in this month remains fairly warm at 23 degrees, although they are nowhere near the soaring and potentially dangerous heat of the summer.

The valley’s national park is well-known for its diverse fauna, and I recommend looking for desert bighorn sheep, lizards, and tiny pupfish that dwell in saltier pools than seawater. I’ve seen amazing sights during the day and stargazed across this mesmerizing area at night! Bliss!

My Take

  • Take a trek along the Zabriskie Point Trail, which leads to an Instagrammable vista of the landscape.
  • Borrow some binoculars and head to the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes to experience the spectacular astronomical skies.
  • Explore the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes and feel transported to another universe.

Where To Travel in February in The USA (contd)

Where To Travel in February in The USA
Where To Travel in February in The USA

9. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Enjoy the mild February weather at Big Bend National Park, where temperatures hover around a comfortable 64°F. With its stunning landscapes, reduced crowds, and a plethora of activities, there’s much to appreciate during this time.

Hiking takes the spotlight as one of the most favored activities, given that other seasons bring scorching temperatures unsuitable for trail exploration.

Embark on remarkable trails like the Lost Mine Trail, Boquillas Canyon Trail, and Santa Elena Canyon Trail to immerse yourself in the park’s natural beauty. Another popular activity is a soak in the hot springs, providing the perfect conclusion to a day of trekking.

For a scenic adventure, drive along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive to witness the spectacular views of the area. On rainy days, the Fossil Discovery Exhibits offer an intriguing indoor experience for exploration.

10. Palm Springs, California: Travel in February in The USA

I believe this charming city is the perfect escape from the cold winter weather, and I’m a huge fan! Situated 100 miles east of Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley region of the Sonoran Desert, this popular resort city is celebrated for its clear blue skies, gentle sunshine, natural hot springs, and luxurious amenities.

Palm Desert boasts stunning boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, world-class golf courses, and incredible weather, which is why it’s a favored winter destination, especially among celebrities!

With temperatures hovering around a pleasant 80°F, February offers an ideal time to visit, avoiding the scorching heat of summertime. This weather is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, sunbathing, and indulging in spa treatments. It’s truly a delightful month to experience all that the Palm Desert has to offer.

My must-do highlights.

  • Take a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest spinning tram car that provides breathtaking views.
  • Take tours of some of the renowned residents’ homes, including Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway, Marilyn Monroe’s House, and Dean Martin’s Home.
  • Go to the Coachella Valley Certified Farmers Markets to buy locally farmed vegetables.
  • Relax at the magnificent Spa La Quinta.

11. Dallas, Texas

For those eager to explore Dallas without enduring the sweltering summer heat, February emerges as one of the prime times to visit this dynamic city. With fewer crowds and comfortably warm temperatures, it’s an ideal opportunity to wander through the city’s charming neighborhoods and explore its various attractions.

Among the must-see destinations are the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas World Aquarium, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Reunion Tower, and the Dallas Zoo. These attractions offer captivating experiences that showcase the diverse cultural and natural wonders of Dallas.

Where To Travel in February in The USA (continue)

Where To Travel in February in The USA
Where To Travel in February in The USA

12. Vail Ski Resort, Colorado

Situated near the town of Vail in Eagle County, the Vail Ski Resort stands as a magnificent destination renowned for its exceptional snow quality and extensive slopes. Spanning over 5000 acres of skiable area, Vail’s diverse landscape promises thrilling experiences for winter sports enthusiasts.

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, Vail boasts pristine conditions marked by a harmonious blend of over 300 days of sunshine and more than 370 inches of snow annually. With abundant fresh powder and expansive terrain waiting to be explored, I believe this month presents the perfect opportunity to visit Colorado, particularly the esteemed Vail Ski Resort.

In addition to the excitement on the slopes, I recommend exploring the myriad gourmet restaurants, cozy local pubs, upscale entertainment venues, and vibrant après-ski scene. The charming Vail Village, with its cobblestone streets and alpine-inspired architecture, exudes a captivating charm that is sure to enchant every visitor!

My must-do highlights

  • Ski or snowboard across some of the 5317 snow-covered acres, which are appropriate for all skill levels.
  • Spend the afternoon skating at one of the town’s two picturesque and lovely outdoor ice rinks.
  • Adventure Ridge offers a variety of entertaining activities such as snow tubing, ski biking, and the alpine coaster.

13. Joshua Tree National Park, California

Located in Southern California, Joshua Tree National Park stands out as one of the premier destinations to explore in February in the USA.

During this time, the typically scorching temperatures take a welcome dip, while rainfall remains a rarity. This desert landscape boasts a plethora of unique features to discover, including Skull Rock, Arch Rock, Barker Dam, and the Cholla Cactus Garden.

In February, the sun sets early, curbing hiking activities but ushering in an early start to stargazing sessions. Designated as an International Dark Sky Park, Joshua Tree offers unparalleled views of the night sky, unobscured by light pollution.

Among the top attractions are Keys View, Cottonwood Visitor Center, and Keys Ranch.

14. The Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys, located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, offer a serene escape approximately 100 miles south of Florida. Renowned for their tranquil ambiance, coastal charm, and stunning vistas, these tropical islands beckon visitors to unwind and explore.

Recommended activities abound, from leisurely boating and kayaking to adventurous paddleboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Amidst the splendor of the Keys, one can also indulge in the vibrant local art scene, peruse charming boutiques, and savor delectable fresh seafood.

The lively city of Key West, the southernmost point of the Keys, boasts bustling bars, the iconic Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, and the historic Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

This month presents an ideal opportunity to experience the Keys, with winter crowds dissipating and hotel prices becoming more affordable in Key Largo and Key West. Moreover, the weather graces visitors with optimal conditions, with temperatures ranging from the pleasant 70s to the balmy 80s.

My must-do highlights

  • Enjoy a romantic sunset cruise while admiring spectacular sights with a champagne toast.
  • For those who enjoy adventure, try a parasail over the crystal-clear blue waters.
  • Take a stroll along the historic waterfront boardwalk and enjoy some freshly prepared seafood.

Where To Travel in February in The USA (continue)

15. Leavenworth, Washington

Nestled in the scenic Cascade Mountains of Washington, just 100 miles east of Seattle, lies the enchanting town of Leavenworth. It’s a picturesque gem exuding Bavarian charm through its architecture, street names, and lively seasonal festivals.

This month, Leavenworth bursts with an array of exhilarating activities, inviting visitors to indulge in wine tasting, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledging, and captivating live music events amidst the winter wonderland.

With its captivating architecture, quaint cafes, and gourmet dining options, Leavenworth offers the quintessential winter escape, transporting visitors straight to the heart of Europe’s charm and allure.

My must-do highlights

  • Snowshoeing along the Icicle Gorge Nature Loop route is a more relaxing way to experience the snow-covered splendor.
  • On a cold day, treat yourself to a delicious fondue at the famed Pavz Café Bistro.
  • At Lake Wenatchee State Park, you can sled down the tubing hill or construct a snowman.

16. Seattle, Washington

Despite the slightly cool and damp weather, February emerges as one of the most captivating times of the year in Seattle! Known as Museum Month, this month brings a wealth of excitement as many of the city’s museums offer half-priced admission. Participating is very simple; guests simply obtain a museum pass from their hotel front desk.

From the captivating exhibits at the Seattle Aquarium and the Seattle Art Museum to the dynamic displays at the Museum of Pop Culture and the Museum of Flight, there’s a wealth of cultural exploration to be had. Additionally, must-see attractions include the iconic Space Needle and the enchanting Woodland Park Zoo.

For those visiting around mid-month, the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival promises a delightful experience amidst blooming landscapes and vibrant displays. Whether delving into art, history, or nature, Seattle’s February festivities offer something memorable for every visitor.

17. Hot Springs, North Carolina

Nestled amidst the scenic mountains of western North Carolina, where Spring Creek and the French Broad River converge, lies the captivating city of Hot Springs. This hidden treasure brims with a rich tapestry of history and culture, offering a delightful retreat just a stone’s throw from Asheville.

Positioned at the crossroads of the legendary Appalachian Trail and embraced by the majestic Pisgah National Forest, Hot Springs beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its abundance of natural wonders.

Adventurers can explore diverse hiking trails, embark on thrilling white-water rafting expeditions, conquer rugged mountain biking routes, or ascend the heights of Rich Mountain Lookout Tower for breathtaking vistas.

Yet, it’s the namesake hot mineral springs that truly define Hot Springs’ allure. Open year-round, these rejuvenating springs offer a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing guests to soak in soothing waters reaching temperatures of 102°F amidst the crisp mountain air.

Whether seeking outdoor adventure, therapeutic healing, or a romantic escapade, Hot Springs promises an unforgettable destination brimming with charm and relaxation.

Summary of Where To Travel in February in The USA

In February, several destinations across the United States offer unique experiences and attractions. Here are some suggestions for places to travel in February in the USA:

  1. Hawaii: With its pleasant weather year-round, Hawaii is an excellent destination in February. You can explore the beautiful beaches, hike volcanic landscapes, and experience the rich Hawaiian culture.
  2. Florida: Florida offers warm temperatures in February, making it ideal for visiting places like Miami, Orlando, or the Florida Keys. You can enjoy beaches, theme parks, wildlife, and vibrant nightlife.
  3. California: California boasts diverse attractions such as the beaches of San Diego, the glamour of Los Angeles, the wine regions of Napa Valley, and the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park. February typically offers milder weather and fewer crowds.
  4. Arizona: Visit the Grand Canyon or explore the desert landscapes of Sedona and Scottsdale. February offers comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing.
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana: February is the month of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, making it an exciting time to visit. Experience the parades, music, and delicious cuisine of this vibrant city.
  6. Colorado: Ski resorts in Colorado, such as Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge, offer excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions in February. The Rocky Mountains also provide opportunities for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and other winter activities.
  7. New York City, New York: While it may be cold, New York City offers a variety of indoor attractions, including Broadway shows, museums, and restaurants. February also brings events like Fashion Week and Chinese New Year celebrations.
  8. Texas: Explore cities like Austin, known for its live music scene and vibrant culture, or San Antonio, home to the historic Alamo and the scenic River Walk. February offers mild weather for outdoor exploration.
  9. Alaska: While it may be cold, Alaska offers unique winter experiences such as viewing the Northern Lights, dog sledding, and visiting ice caves. February is also a good time for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.
Where To Travel in February in The USA
Where To Travel in February in The USA

Frequently Asked Questions About Where To Travel in February in The USA

Here are some frequently asked questions about traveling in February in the USA:

What are some warm destinations to visit in February in the USA?

Hawaii, Florida (Miami, Orlando, Florida Keys), California (Los Angeles, San Diego), Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona), and Texas (Austin, San Antonio) are popular warm destinations in February.

Are there any special events or festivals in February in the USA?

Yes, February hosts various events and festivals across the country. For example, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Chinese New Year celebrations in cities with significant Chinese communities, and Winter festivals in ski resort towns like Aspen and Vail.

Is February a good time for skiing in the USA?

Yes, February is an excellent time for skiing in many parts of the USA, especially in states like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and California. Ski resorts typically have good snow conditions during this month.

What are some family-friendly destinations to visit in February in the USA?

Family-friendly destinations include Orlando (Disney World, Universal Studios), San Diego (San Diego Zoo, beaches), New York City (museums, Broadway shows), and Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona).

Are there any budget-friendly destinations to visit in February in the USA?

Some budget-friendly destinations include New Orleans (outside of Mardi Gras season), Austin, Texas, and national parks like Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite National Park.

What are some warm destinations to visit in February in the USA?

Hawaii, Florida, California, and Arizona are popular warm destinations in February. These states typically have milder temperatures during this time.

Are there any special events or festivals in February?

Yes, February is known for events like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Chinese New Year celebrations, and various winter festivals in colder regions. Events can vary by location.

Which cities are good for winter sports in February?

Cities in Colorado, such as Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge, offer excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities in February. Alaska is also known for winter activities like dog sledding.

Is it a good time to visit national parks in February?

Some national parks, particularly in the southwestern US, like the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree, can be enjoyable in February with milder temperatures and fewer crowds. However, parks in colder regions may have limited accessibility.

What are the best indoor activities in colder destinations?

Cities like New York City offer a range of indoor activities, including visiting museums, attending Broadway shows, and exploring indoor attractions. In colder regions, indoor activities like spa retreats or culinary experiences can be appealing.

Can I see the Northern Lights in February in the USA?

Yes, Alaska is a great place to witness the Northern Lights in February. Fairbanks and other northern locations offer optimal conditions for aurora viewing during the winter months.

Are there budget-friendly travel options in February?

Depending on the destination, February can be a more budget-friendly time to travel due to lower demand. Consider off-peak destinations or look for travel deals and discounts.

What precautions should I take for winter travel?

If traveling to colder regions, pack appropriate winter clothing, including layers, insulated jackets, and waterproof boots. Check weather forecasts, road conditions, and be aware of potential travel disruptions due to winter weather.

What are the family-friendly destinations in February?

Family-friendly destinations include theme parks in Florida, the cultural experiences of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and the diverse attractions in California.

Can I enjoy outdoor activities in February?

Yes, depending on the destination, you can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and even beach activities in warmer locations.

For commentys and inquiries about Where To Travel in February in The USA, see the comment section below.


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