Liberty University Scholarships Application For International Students: How To Apply

Make your college tuition more affordable with Liberty University scholarships. Liberty University Scholarship is a great opportunity to finance your higher education dreams debt free. Learn more about undergraduate and graduate Financial Aid from liberty University, Including How To Apply, FAQs & recent news here.

Liberty University Scholarships Application

Does Liberty University offer full scholarships?

Liberty University awards 30% discount for tuition and 20% discount for room, board, and activity fee, all in US dollar amount. Moreso, students are eligible to be awarded an academic scholarship, up to Full Tuition per year. However, this is based on high school grades.

All these and many more questions concerning liberty University Scholarships will be answered in this post.

Does Liberty University offer Scholarships to international students?

Liberty University Scholarships for international students are given prior to arrival. Liberty University do not have scholarships available for current students. However, students that had a good high school GPA and test scores c apply for an honors scholarship during the Spring semester of their Freshman year.

Liberty University External Scholarships

Note that, there are no full scholarships available to international students at liberty University. This is according to the school official website.

The search for an outside scholarship can be very time-consuming and stressful most times. You will have to search through long lists and then fill out application forms, and wait for a response from the sponsors. However, these scholarships can also be very rewarding and it is worth the effort, the search and the wait!

Liberty University Scholarships

External scholarships can be very difficult to find. However, you can search online, but be careful to never give personal information or to pay money to apply for the Liberty University Scholarships.

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The scholarships which you were eligible were awarded to you at the time of your acceptance by your international admissions counselor. However, there may be other scholarships for which you qualify at a later time at Liberty University.

Eligibility Requirements for Liberty University Scholarships

To qualify for the Liberty University Scholarships, students must meet the following criteria listed below:

  1. If you earn enough high grades and meet other criteria, you can apply for an honors scholarship as long as you meet their set eligibility criteria.
  2. If you are a responsible and mature student with good leadership skills, you can apply for a Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Shepherd position. Both of which come with scholarships.
  3. You can apply for athletic scholarships. Note speak to the coach of the sport you are interested in before applying.
  4. The Liberty Worship Collective offers a variety of scholarships. For more information visit the Liberty Worship Collective website.

How To Apply for Liberty University Scholarships

  • All applications must be submitted electronically to
  • Applications received by regular postal mail will not be processed
  • Visit the scholarship website here for more information.

Liberty University Online (LUO) Scholarships

Canadian Student Discount

Award: Liberty University awards 15% discount (U.S. dollar amount) to Canadian citizens taking Liberty University Online courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be Canadian citizen
  • This award can’t stacked with the First Responder Discount or Liberty Online Advantage Discounts.

Additional Award Information: Please call (800) 424-9595 to speak with an admissions specialist and learn more about the award.

First Responder Discount

Liberty University awards 25% tuition discount to eligible students. However, student must pay for books, materials, and the current technology fee per term.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Qualified students for the award must have been employed or volunteered on a full-time basis currently, or within the last five years, or retired from a career listed below:
    • Police/Peace Officer, Special Agent, Corrections Officer, Parole Officer, Firefighter, Search and Rescue Worker (license required), EMS/EMT worker (license required), Civil Air Patrol (Senior Member), FEMA volunteer, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) members, Security Officer for Public Safety, 911 Emergency Dispatcher (certificate required), Park Ranger, Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), Campus Emergency Responder, Campus Police, Border Patrol Officer, Maritime Officer, Medevac (fixed wing/helicopter pilot, ambulance, maritime), Game Warden, State Trooper, US Marshal, United States Security Personnel field agent (like: FBI, CIA, DHS, DEA), Paramedic, Officer, Criminal Investigator, Lifeflight workers, Community Supervision
  • The student must be a degree-seeking undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen, or Canadian citizen
    • This award can not stacked with the Canadian Student Discount
  • Administrative/chaplaincy/non-field positions are not eligible for the First Responder discount.
  • Military students whose MOS is Military Police Officer may qualify to receive the military tuition discount, but cannot also receive the First Responder discount for their Military Police service. Military students who serve in an first responder role as a civilian may qualify for both discounts. Students anticipating using the First Responder discount in conjunction with military benefits must first contact the Office of Military Affairs.
  • Student must also provide proof of employment or volunteer status in the form of a letter from employer or volunteer agency on letterhead OR legible copy of position identification card to Note that additional documentation may be requested as needed. However, if the student is enrolled beyond the initial approval period of the discount, the University may request documentation be resent to confirm continued eligibility of the student.

For additional information and questions about First Responder Discount award, email Please include student ID number and attention to scholarships in all the communication.


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