Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship Application

Italian Culture Scholarship 2023/2024: Apply Now!

If you are interested in Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship; a scholarship related to Italian culture or language, you may want to consider exploring various scholarship opportunities offered by Italian cultural organizations, universities, or government bodies such as Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship. These organizations provide scholarships to support studies in Italian language, literature, art, music, or other aspects of Italian culture.

Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship Application
Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship Application

Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship – Istituto Italiano di Cultura scholarship

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Prize For Proficiency In Italian:

Each year, the Italian Cultural Institute makes available to students enrolled in its courses a certain number of short-term scholarships offered by various Italian educational institutions to study Italian language and culture in Italy.

These scholarships range in duration from 2 to 12 weeks and allow the student to a varied percentage discount, depending on the institution.

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These scholarships only pay the cost of the course, either entirely or partially. Travel, lodging, and enrollment expenses must be covered by the student, who may be supported by the school in obtaining lodging.

The Italian Cultural Institute is the official Italian government agency for the promotion of cultural exchange between Italy and other Countries.

The Institute promotes cooperation between universities, academies, and other institutions in Italy and organizes major Italian cultural. The Institute cooperates with departments of Italian studies and also cooperates with other university departments, both in the humanity and natural science fields.

Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship At a Glance

  • Scholarship Value: €200
  • You must be a current UCC Student to be eligible for this prize
  • Italian language courses with Italian teachers
  • examination for the certificate of Italian as a foreign language, provided twice a year
  • students of Italian language courses and members of “Amici dell’Istituto” are entitled to:
    • consultation on the Italian language and culture,
    • books on  loan,
    • CDs & DVDs,
    • Italian magazines and newspapers,
    • information and  documentation on Italian culture
  • the information desk of the Institute provides information on all aspects of Italian cultural and social life
  • Scholarships for study and research in Italy are awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Italian institutions through the Italian Institute.

Note: This cash prize of €200, which is presented to University College Cork by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, is awarded in connection with the 2nd Year Summer Examinations.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship, you must meet the following:

  • The scholarship is awarded based on established eligibility criteria
  • The eligibility requirements for each scholarship are listed on the UCC Scholarships & Prizes Website
  • Candidates whose native language is Italian are not eligible for the award.
  • Candidate must be studying the Italian language or courses pertaining to Italian culture to be eligible for the Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship.
  • All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain an enrolled status in your course of study

Note: These awards are sponsored through endowments provided to the University by the respective donors for perpetual awards. The donated monies are invested, and the annual revenue is used to determine the amount available for the scholarship.

Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship Application


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Because of fluctuations in the investment market, the amounts available from year to year may change, both upwards and downwards; as a result, the value of any award referred to in this section is simply indicative and may be higher or lower when the award amount is finalized.

How to Apply for Istituo Italia Di Cultura Scholarship

  • To apply for the scholarship and for further inquiries go here:

NOTE: All scholarship and funding initiatives are subject to the availability of funds, and the information provided here is subject to change at any time. Potential applicants are encouraged to verify material on a frequent basis to ensure they are aware of current procedures, deadlines, and so on.


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