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How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad: Steps To Follow

Do you want to work in a different country but don’t know where to start? These 10 LinkedIn tips on how to use LinkedIn to get a job abroad can help you get started on your path to employment in a land far, far away.

Reid Hoffman founded LinkedIn in 2003 to create job opportunities for people all over the world. LinkedIn has nearly 740 million users, making it one of the most popular platforms for professionals to build strong networks, hire new talent, find investors, and even get hired.

How To Find A Dream Job Overseas On LinkedIn
How To Find A Dream Job Overseas On LinkedIn

However, some people continue to underestimate this platform’s professional potential. These same people use it in the same way that they would any other social networking site.

Of course, you can use LinkedIn to make connections and socialize with others, but it has much more to offer. LinkedIn, if used correctly, can propel your career to new heights of success, both at home and abroad.

Finding a job in another country can be difficult, but that’s where LinkedIn comes in.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn to Find a Job Abroad

If you’re wondering how to get hired internationally, you should know that social networking sites, depending on the industry you want to work in, can be useful in your international job search. LinkedIn is by far the most useful social networking site for people looking for work in another country, regardless of industry.

LinkedIn is the most popular business-focused social networking site, with millions of users from all over the world. One of the most important benefits of using it to find a job abroad is that the active users on this platform will be willing to assist you in your international job search.

So, if you want to work abroad but don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to get one.

Three types of people will be most willing to assist international job seekers. They are:

  • Online and offline networking groups
  • Local headhunters or recruiters
  • Local industry connections

On LinkedIn, you have unlimited access to all the above three groups.

If you want to use LinkedIn to find a job in another country, be as specific as possible in your search, and LinkedIn will be more useful in providing access to relevant employment opportunities.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find International Jobs

Here’s how to use LinkedIn to find a job abroad: Follow these steps to see how to get hired internationally through LinkedIn:

1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete

How to Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad
Use LinkedIn To Get a Job: A Lady dressed in a business casual outfit talking on a cell phone at the airport

The first thing you should do is finish your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your profile contains essential information such as

  • Professional description
  • Professional picture
  • CV/Resume
  • Your competencies and skills
  • Educational background

If you wish, you may also upload additional information. This can include positive feedback from previous clients, your previous pay package, and volunteer work you have done in the past.

This demonstrates your motivation, and including a letter of recommendation improves your LinkedIn profile significantly.

2. Carefully Select Your Profile Headline – How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad

One of the most overlooked aspects of a LinkedIn profile is the headline. Many users do not bother to think about it. If you want to work abroad, generic titles like VP Marketing, Financial Advisor, or Travel Blogger will not suffice.

Consider your profile headline as a way to set yourself apart on LinkedIn. Make sure your headline isn’t about you, but about how you can help potential employers in other countries. Make sure your headline is visible in search results and when you’re active on the site.

Also, keep an eye on the banner just above your account. This gives prospective employers more information and helps you build your authority on LinkedIn. Make sure your banner is always up to date with accurate information, images, and relevant keywords.

3. Build/Make Connections – How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad

Do not be afraid to contact people you used to work with or those you want to work with. Connect with people in the same way you would on other social networking sites, but on LinkedIn, think more professionally.

Are you actively looking for work abroad? Then, in your target destination, connect with professionals in your industry. Remember that LinkedIn is a vast network, and the more people you connect with, the faster you will achieve your goals and live your dream professional life.

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Once you’ve made your first connections through former colleagues, previous work experiences, or connections from school, you should immediately begin building a larger network of like-minded individuals around the world. You can accomplish this by utilizing LinkedIn’s various search tools.

Don’t send too many connection requests per day. LinkedIn may flag you as a bot if you do this; experts recommend sending 10 to 30 requests per day. When you are fully active on this platform, users will start sending you requests, and you will eventually begin to grow at a reasonable rate.

Whether you are looking to connect with marketing consultants in Finland, translators in Canada, professional photographers in Australia, or other professionals in your industry, you can find people worldwide using LinkedIn.

Growing your LinkedIn network entails reaching a larger audience when you begin posting on your profile and discovering more job opportunities when your contacts post on their profiles.

Use LinkedIn To Get a Job
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4. Make Sure You Post Regularly – How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad

To use LinkedIn to find a job in another country, you should post something every day or at regular intervals. Your posts can include text, an image, or a LinkedIn video. Keep the length of the text or video short and succinct so that it can immediately attract the right people.

Use LinkedIn To Get a Job
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5. Understand that LinkedIn Has Various Profile Levels

On LinkedIn, there are regular profiles and Premium profiles. If you want to communicate with Premium users on the platform, you must pay to obtain a Premium account. If you want to speed up the process of finding a job abroad, this can be a worthwhile investment.

Premium Career costs $29.99 per month (25€), while Premium Business costs $59.99 per month (50€). If you want to work permanently in another country, a Premium account is worth considering.

6. Use Connections to Build New Relations

The main idea behind connecting on LinkedIn is to stay in touch with everyone you’ve previously worked with—managers, directors, and colleagues. It’s a small world, and you might run into the same people in your industry, even if they’re in another country. So, keep in touch with old contacts so they can serve as a source of new relationships.

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Before reaching out to prospective employers or clients, try to obtain at least 10 recommendations from current and previous colleagues, employers, suppliers, and clients. As a result, your LinkedIn profile will have an impact on your future connections.

7. Research Prospective Employers Using Filters – How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad

Use filters to narrow down the types of jobs available in your preferred location. This will assist you in locating the most appropriate employers and job opportunities. You can also upload pictures and write articles about your previous job and interview experiences.

8. Showcase your Passion, Expertise, and knowledge

The whole point of creating a LinkedIn profile is to engage in conversation with people in your industry and present your expertise on the platform. You can also share your perspective, recommend tools and people to others, and connect with second-connection individuals, such as colleagues or friends of existing connections.

Finally, contributing to the discussions you have with connections is a great way to get noticed on the platform. Remember, the more connections you have, the more conversations you can have.

Use LinkedIn To Get a Job
Use LinkedIn To Get a Job

9. Follow companies and reach out directly to their decision-makers

LinkedIn gives you access to individual connections as well as the ability to follow news updates from hundreds of companies around the world. As a result, you can look through company profiles to see if you have any first, second, or third-level connections with any of its employees.

If you can’t find any connections, join groups where you can. You can also click on Follow Company to receive company news updates directly on your LinkedIn home page. Join a group where you will find this contact, get introduced through a specific connection, or use your InMails if you have any.

If you still can’t connect, search for the company’s email address online.

10. Don’t Expect Miracles – How To Use LinkedIn To Get a Job Abroad

Most people will be unable to assist you in obtaining a job in your desired country because they are unfamiliar with the work visa process.

  • Be aware that some people will refuse to connect with someone from another country.
  • Watch out for anyone who promises you an international job that appears to be too good to be true. Work only with credible sources and government agencies.
  • Be persistent and consistent in your search for a job in a different city, but don’t bombard people who help you with questions, and don’t ask for special favors or money.

Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job Abroad!

So, if you were skeptical about using LinkedIn to find international jobs, hopefully, you now see the value of this platform. If you follow the steps outlined above to find your dream job in another country on LinkedIn, you will discover that your time spent on the platform was well spent.

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