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Are you looking for easy jobs with attractive salaries in Australia? Search no more, as this post is here for all your job needs while in Australia. Just relax and go through the list of all the easy jobs to get in Australia. The exciting thing about these jobs is that they come with very lucrative salaries.

Easy Jobs To Get In Australia
Easy jobs you can get in Australia

So, if you have seen the one suitable for you, you can apply now for easy employment in Australia with attractive salaries!

Australia is full of unforgettable destinations and breathtaking scenery. If you’re on a working holiday, you may want to earn some money to help fund your travels. Here are some fantastic opportunities for working holidaymakers in Australia.

Want to make money while you travel? Consider the following options.

How easy is it to get a job in Australia?

The Australian job market is very competitive. It is important to note that not all jobs and skills are in equal demand, especially for foreigners.

As a foreigner, the most in-demand industries are hospitality, construction, and education. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find work in other industries.

In general, the following tips will help you with your job search in Australia:

  • Don’t try to change careers. It will be much easier to find work with which you are already familiar. It’s critical to look for industries that are similar to what you’ve done in the past.
  • Get your visa as soon as possible. Recruiters in Australia are hesitant to hire people who do not already have visas. The so-called “right to work”. There are various types of visas available, which we will go over in greater detail in a separate section.
  • Don’t take a job just for the sake of it. You cannot leave your job because your visa is linked to it. So, do your homework before accepting the position. Because you’ll have a problem if you end up hating it.
  • Research online job portals. In 2021, you should! We have a separate section with links to Australian job search engines.
  • Understand the language well. This is a strict requirement for the majority of jobs, and you will also need physical proof in the form of a language proficiency certificate.
Things to Know About WORKING in Australia
Things to Know About WORKING in Australia: Jobs To Get In Australia

Easy Jobs To Get In Australia With Attractive Salaries

You can apply for any of the following easy jobs in Australia with attractive salaries!


What Does a Barista Do and How to Become a Barista at a Coffeeshop

A barista is a person who prepares coffee in a coffee shop for customers.

Many of Australia’s major cities have a cafe on almost every corner. With the love of coffee alive and well across the country, being a barista means you can find work wherever you go. You could brew at a beachfront cafe in Perth or make the deconstructed drinks available at Melbourne’s many hipster coffee shops.

Because Australians take their coffee seriously, most cafes will require you to complete a barista training course before being hired. These courses range from three hours for espresso basics to five days for the master barista. While you don’t have to be a master to work as a barista, learning the basics (or more) will increase your chances of getting hired.

Waiter – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

Jobs To Get In Australia

Australia has an abundance of establishments that require waiters to keep their dining rooms running smoothly, ranging from quiet cafes to sought-after restaurants. Fortunately, you don’t need any prior experience to get started, and you can work around your schedule.

Try searching popular job boards like Seek and Indeed, or simply stopping by a few restaurants and asking about open positions. If you have previous experience, look for a job at one of Australia’s fine dining establishments, which provide exceptional service and pay even more. If the restaurant serves alcohol, you’ll need an RSA certificate, just like a bartender.

Bartender – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

Bartending is a promising option for working holidaymakers because Australia’s drink scene is thriving in cities across the country. Aside from earning a good starting wage, you’ll also get to meet locals, get food discounts, and have your days free.

All over the country, you can apply for jobs at small pubs, craft breweries, distilleries, wine bars, and even posh rooftop bars. Anyone responsible for serving alcohol in Australia, such as bartenders, must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training, so look into RSA courses in the state where you intend to work.


taking a job as a labourer

General labor work is popular among visitors on Work and Holiday Visas (subclass 462) and Working Holiday Visas (subclass 417) because it pays well and often requires no prior experience. Gardening, carpentry, and welding skills are preferred, but not required.

Those with prior experience can look for a variety of construction jobs, which are widely available across the country.

Deckhand – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

A deckhand is a member of the crew of a merchant ship that performs manual labor. It also means working on a boat.

With so many beautiful aquatic destinations, working as a deckhand is a popular choice for working vacationers in Australia. After all, your workplace will be the open sea, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers. Look for open positions on a yacht or catamaran in some of Australia’s most popular boating destinations, such as the Whitsundays and Cairns, where cruises run all year.

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Therefore, if you want to work on the water, there are frequent openings on fishing vessels off the coasts of almost every Australian state, as well as pearling vessels in Western Australia and Queensland. While casual pearling jobs are available all year, pearling companies typically double their staff during harvest season, which lasts from April to October.

Many jobs on fishing and pearling boats qualify as ‘specified work,’ which is required if you want to extend your Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) or Working Holiday Visa for another year (subclass 417). Make sure to secure a job early enough to complete the required three months of specified work during your visa’s first year.

For the most up-to-date information on working holiday visas and specific work, go to the Department of Home Affairs website.

Professional Role

Healthcare Professionals

If you already have a university degree or a relevant qualification, you may have an easier time finding contract work in your desired field. Short-term contracts, such as project contracts and maternity leave covers, are common in industries such as accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology, project management, and others.

Before applying, check each position for the required working rights to ensure they accept working holiday applicants.

AU PAIR – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

highest paying part-time jobs in Australia for students!
Easy Jobs to Get In Australia

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. This is another easy jobs to get in Australia as an Immigrant.

Many Australian families are looking for a responsible young adult to assist with child care. If you want to work as an au pair in Australia, an au pair placement agency like AIFS, Smart Au Pairs, or Dream Nannies can help you find the right match.

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Sometimes, working with children checks and current first aid qualifications are frequently required by parents. These differ by state, so be sure to research your options in the state where you want to work. As an au pair, you may be responsible for tasks such as school pick-up and drop-off, doing the children’s laundry, and, of course, caring for and entertaining the children.

Au pair

Being an au pair allows you to join a typical Australian family and integrate into the Australian way of life.


Receptionist - one of the Easy Jobs to Get In Australia
Receptionist – one of the Easy Jobs to Get In Australia

Other easy jobs to get in Australia is a receptionist job. If you’re looking for a job in the city that pays well and has a flexible schedule, reception may be the place to be. Salaries typically begin above the minimum wage, and no evening or weekend work is required. Although previous experience is not required, good organizational skills and administrative knowledge will help you excel at the job. Because you can only work for one employer for six months while on a working holiday, look for temp jobs with short-term contracts.

Farm Hand – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

Seasonal Farm Jobs Program
Fand Hand worker

Farms in Australia grow everything from avocados to apples. Fruit pickers and harvesters are frequently in short supply on farms, providing a fantastic opportunity for working holidaymakers to earn a wage, receive free accommodation, and complete the three months of specified work required to stay an additional year.

While harvesting jobs are available all year, certain crops have shorter seasons than others. Harvest Trail is an excellent resource for learning about harvest seasons and finding work.

If you want to pick grapes in one of Australia’s beautiful wine regions, work the harvest season between February and April. From November to February, stay in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, to pick mangoes. During the winter months (June to August), head to South Australia to pick oranges, Western Australia to pick bananas, or the Northern Territory to pick wildflowers and citrus.

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Although many harvesting jobs are located outside of the city, fruit picking allows you to travel beyond well-known destinations and truly immerse yourself in the Australian countryside. Aside from fruit picking, other types of farm work include crop planting and horse care.

Housekeeper – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia


Housekeeping is a popular job for backpackers and working vacationers because it often provides free accommodation in some of Australia’s most beautiful locations, from the lush rainforest of the Daintree to the picturesque waters of Margaret River.

Housekeepers for hostels, hotels, and boutique homestays are paid for their work hours and, in some cases, can volunteer a few hours per week to receive free lodging. This allows you to more affordably explore both seaside towns like Queensland’s Airlie Beach and large, bustling cities like Sydney.

Call Center Operator – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

Call Center Operators

If you enjoy interacting with customers, a job in a call center could be ideal for you. As a call center operator, you’ll be in charge of answering customer questions, recording customer information, and directing calls to the appropriate team. A job in a call center will teach you skills that are transferable to a wide range of careers, such as organization, data handling, and multitasking.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

Working holidaymakers who want to gain real-world experience in commerce, customer service, and, of course, sales should consider a career in sales. You’ll learn valuable skills in communication, persuasion, and prioritization that you can apply to your resume when you return home. A sales position may also include perks such as in-store discounts and daytime hours.

In Australia, there are numerous large shopping malls where you can begin your search. You’ll be able to find retail opportunities that interest you in everything from fashion to electronics to homewares. Shops generally look for help all year and hire extra staff just before the holidays.

Major Event Workers – Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

Being in the thick of it at some of the world’s biggest events can provide you with incredible work experience. Melbourne hosts a plethora of major events each year, including the Australian Open, F1 Australian Grand Prix, Spring Racing Carnival, and Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, where jobs are available all year but especially during the summer months (December to February).

There are numerous positions available at the Australian Open, ranging from hospitality to site crew and even player concierge. Melbourne isn’t the only city with event jobs. More job opportunities can be found at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, WOMAdelaide, and Brisbane Festival.


One of the easy jobs to get in Australia is volunteering. Volunteering, while not a paid job, provides valuable skills as well as the opportunity to get involved with a cause you care about. Furthermore, volunteering can take you to unexpected places. In exchange for free room and board, you can help rehabilitate Australian wildlife at a sanctuary in Queensland, conserve diverse ecosystems in Western Australia, or volunteer on an organic farm.

Whatever opportunity you choose, you will leave with not only marketable skills but also a deeper understanding of the people, places, and wildlife that make Australia so unique.

Available Jobs in Australia | Easy Jobs To Get In Australia

There are numerous websites offering easy jobs in Australia today. To find easy jobs in Australia, click on any of the websites below.

Here are some reliable websites where you can apply for any job position in Australia:

  1. Easy Jobs (with Salaries) 2023 | Indeed.com Australia
  2. Easy Jobs in All Australia – SEEK
  3. Australian Open

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