Australia Visitor visa

Australia Visitor Visa and How To Apply Outside Australia

Do you want to visit someone in Australia or travel for tourism? An Australian visitor visa is all you need. It will interest you to know that you can apply for this visa from outside Australia. Learn how to apply for a visitor visa to Australia from the comfort of your room.

Australia Visitor visa
Australia Visitor visa

In this post, we will guide you through the entire visa application and approval process. This will allow you to successfully apply for and get your visa.

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This Australia visitor visa lets you visit Australia as a tourist, go on a cruise, or see family and friends.

With this Australia Visitor visa, you can

  • visit family or friends
  • be here as a tourist,
  • for a cruise, or
  • for purposes other than business or medical treatment

To get the Australia Visitor Visa, You must:

  • intend to come to Australia to visit only
  • have enough money for your stay in Australia
  • not work in Australia, and
  • you must be outside Australia when you apply and when your visa is decided

How Long Can I Stay with Australia Visitor Visa

An Australia visitor visa allows someone to stay in Australia for up to 12 months. Within this period, you are not expected to work or engage in any business in the country.

What is the Cost of obtaining an Australia Visitor Visa

Australian visitor visa costs AUD150

Australia Visa Information

Australia Tourist Visa - Key Points, Documents Required, Process
Australia Visitor Visa

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Australia?

You will need a valid Australian visa to enter the country unless you are an Australian citizen. Passport holders from New Zealand can apply for a visa upon arrival in the country. All other passport holders, regardless of age, must obtain a visa before departing.

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At your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate, you can apply for a variety of Australian visa types, including tourist visas and working holiday visas. On the Australian Department of Home Affairs website, you can also apply for certain types of visas.

What Types of Tourist Visas are Available in Australia?

There are various types of Australian visas available for visitors to Australia. The type of Australian visa you need depends on the length of your stay, your passport, and the purpose of your visit. You must also meet certain financial and medical requirements, be outside of Australia at the time of application, and have health insurance for the duration of your stay.

1. Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601)

You can visit Australia as many times as you want for up to a year, staying for three months each time. This visa is open to passport holders from a variety of countries and regions who reside outside of Australia. A step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Austalia visa is available below.

2. Visitor visa (subclass 600) – Australian Visa

The Visitor visa allows you to visit Australia for leisure or business. It is open to people of all nationalities. In general, a stay of up to three months is permitted, but in certain circumstances, a stay of up to twelve months may be permitted. To submit their application, applicants must pay a fee.

2. eVisitor (subclass 651)

This is a free visa that allows you to visit Australia for tourism or business for up to three months at a time within a 12-month period. This visa is only available to citizens of a few European countries and cannot be extended.

How Can I Apply for an Australia Visitor Visa?

Depending on the type of visa you require, the application process may differ.

The Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601) can only be obtained through the Australian ETA app. A step-by-step guide on how to apply can be found below.

Other visas can be applied for online by creating an ImmiAccount and completing the application process. Make sure to submit your application well in advance of your travel date to allow for processing time. You may be asked to provide additional supporting information.

If your tourist visa is approved, you will be notified in writing, and it will be digitally linked to your passport. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information on various visa types and Australian visa requirements, including how to apply for an Australian visa.

Can I Extend My Visitor Visa?

If you already have a valid Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 601) and are in Australia, you can extend your stay by applying for another visa, such as a Visitor visa (subclass 600). It is not possible to extend an eVisitor (subclass 651).

Working Holiday Visas: Australia Visitor visa

Tourist Visa to Australia
Tourist Visa – Australia

What exactly is a working-holiday visa?

Working Holiday Maker allows visitors under 30 (or 35 in some cases) with a passport from a participating country to travel and work in Australia. Working holiday visas are valid for one year, or three years if certain conditions are met.

Student Visas

Do I need a student visa to study in Australia?

If you want to study in Australia, you must apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500). If you are a student’s parent, guardian, or relative, you can apply for a Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590). More so, if you want to visit Australia and study for a short period of time, you may be eligible for a visitor visa.

A Training Visa (subclass 407) allows you to participate in work-based training to improve your skills in your current occupation, field of study, or a field of expertise. A Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408) allows for short-term entry into Australia for specific programs and projects.

Can I work in Australia while on a student visa?

Foreign students on student visas are permitted to work for a limited number of hours while studying in Australia and between courses.

How to Apply for Australia Visitor Visa

  • Fill out the online simplified application.
  • Send all the required documents to the Embassy or Consulate, and
  • attend the Visa Interview if needed.
  • Receive your new visa and get ready to travel!

Australia Visa Processing Times

Some visa processing times have been impacted as a result of COVID-19, and applications may take longer to complete. The processing time for Visitors and Working Holiday Makers differs depending on when you applied. If you applied before the border reopened, the processing time is calculated from the date you became eligible to travel. If you applied after the border reopened, the processing time is calculated from the date you applied.

Australia Visitor visa Processing times

  • 25% of applications: 8 Days
  • 50% of applications: 16 Days
  • 75% of applications: 33 Days
  • 90% of applications: 85 Days

Australia Visitor Visa FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the visitor visa for Australia:

  1. What is an Australian visitor visa?
    • The visitor visa is a temporary visa that allows individuals to travel to Australia for tourism, visiting family and friends, or other short-term purposes.
  2. How can I apply for an Australian visitor visa?
    • You can apply for an Australian visitor visa online through the official website of the Department of Home Affairs. The application process typically involves providing personal information, supporting documents, and paying the required fees.
  3. What are the different types of visitor visas available?
    • There are several subclasses of Visitor visas, including Tourist visas (subclass 600), eVisitor (subclass 651), and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601). Each subclass may have specific eligibility criteria.
  4. How long can I stay on an Australian Visitor visa?
    • The duration of stay varies depending on the type of Visitor visa you have been granted. It could range from a few weeks to several months.
  5. Can I work on an Australian Visitor visa?
    • Generally, Visitor visas do not permit work. However, there may be specific conditions or exemptions. It’s important to check the conditions attached to your particular visa subclass.
  6. Do I need health insurance for my visit to Australia?
    • It is highly recommended to have health insurance that covers your stay in Australia, as the country does not have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with all countries. Adequate health coverage can help in case of unexpected medical expenses.
  7. How long does it take to process an Australian Visitor visa?
    • Processing times can vary, and it is advisable to apply well in advance of your planned travel dates. The processing time may depend on factors such as the volume of applications, completeness of documentation, and individual circumstances.
  8. Can I extend my stay on a Visitor visa?
    • In some cases, it may be possible to extend your Visitor visa, but it’s important to apply for an extension before your current visa expires. Extensions are usually granted for compelling reasons.
  9. What documents do I need to submit with my Visitor visa application?
    • Required documents may include a valid passport, proof of financial capacity, travel itinerary, proof of employment or enrollment, and any additional documents specific to your visa subclass.
  10. Can I apply for a new Visitor visa after my current one expires?
    • You can apply for a new Visitor visa if you meet the eligibility criteria. It’s essential to follow the visa conditions and comply with Australian immigration laws.

Always refer to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs or consult with a qualified migration agent for the most accurate and up-to-date information based on your individual circumstances.

Important Notice:

Please note that this page is only intended to provide general information and does not constitute legal advice. Tourism Australia is not the visa-granting authority of the Australian government. Given the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel, visitors should seek the most up-to-date information on visas to enter Australia from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Please pay a visit to COVID-19 and the border (

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